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Look Mate x Hedof for WWF Tiger Campaign

"It was one of those busy Monday mornings where the corporate world are answering to their weekend hangovers and the inbox is inundated with emails, you know, the type you need nerves of Valerian Steel to deal with. However, there was one email that caught my eye; the subject simply reading "Tigers" and within a few clicks, WWF was informing me that this year marked the first in conservation history that the population of Tigers had increased; this put a big smile on my face. Later that day the Tiger email kept coming back to me and eventually spurred a "what if" moment…”What if” we could put Tigers on your socks and by wearing them the Look Mate community could help Tigers too?” When I asked Hedof about this, he replied: .


Look Mate @ LFW 2017

London Fashion Week Men’s - the highlight of the men’s fashion calendar. Cast your mind to a space of industrial modernity, dotted with press eager to set the fashion tunes for 2017 as they absorb the newest collections from innovative designers and labels. Picture the scene, Nespresso coffee on tap, prime views overlooking the Thames and a wealth of fashion talent, which all lent to the buzz on every floor at ‘180 The Strand’; the venue to host London Fashion Week. This was our first LFW and we were eager to present to the press what we had up our sleeves - 3 new exciting and colourful collaborations to brighten up dreary January - Primordial by Pedro Veneziano, Tiger Sock by Rick Berklemans and La Isla Bonita sock by Marnau Den Lindon who we were delighted to welcome as our resident artist for a day.


How to Rock New Year’s Eve in London Town

2016; the year of the unthinkable, the year of the unimaginable. From Brexit to Trump, we have seen some eccentric events unfold, attesting to the worlds ever-changing, unpredictable nature. In turn we have experienced an interesting year, leaving us plenty to ponder and debate. Not all is doomed, however, as we have a New Year fast approaching and this of course means planning our festivities to welcome it in with open arms, starting afresh. New Year’s Eve can often be an underwhelming event, we feel an underlying pressure fuelled by superstition that if it were not a hit, your forthcoming year would inevitably follow in its disappointing footsteps. We think the perfect ingredient for a New Year’s Eve well spent should start with prime, ‘top drawer’ company, and from there all else will fall neatly into place no matter what you chose to be doing as the clock strikes midnight. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a few quirky, unique events taking place in London town this 31st December for you and your mates to soak up the very last of the year just passed.