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10 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the urban adventurous dads.

  The year is whizzing by. We're already half way through, which means that Father's Day is upon us again. And what to pick for someone we've spent a lifetime giving gifts to?  

  We've expired all the "useful" options, gone through the "fun" options, explored the "informative" options. What can possibly be left to get for the dads this Father's Day (assuming they already have a subscription to Look Mate)?

  It's time to relax because the team here have sorted through everything and hand-picked the perfect gifts for all the urban adventurous dads out there bringing you the best gifts celebrating design, collaborations and traditions. 

 1. Laphroaig Lore £78.55.

 Distillery Manager John Campbell has created Laphroaig Lore, the richest ever Laphroaig, to mark over 200 years' worth of skills and knowledge passing from one manager to the next. Lore, meaning the passing of a skill or tradition through word of mouth, is the story of how they make Laphroaig.

  2UBREW Beginner Brewing Course £50

 Grab a gift certificate for this course and your dad can spend an afternoon getting to grips with the art of brewing, under the guidance of one of the brewing experts at Ubrew.

 3. Coach Space Collection Backpack

 Introducing a limited-edition space collection inspired by American dreamers. The League Backpack is a throwback to 80s school bags. It's detailed with nostalgic leather patches that celebrate exploring the unknown. Dads who are always on the go will love this.

  4. Adidas x Alexander Wang Running Shoes.

 A deconstructed take on the modern running shoe, these shoes are designed in collaboration with Alexander Wang. Sporty dads will love the comfort and style of the sock-like upper paired with the leather finish. They wear well for sport but also work as a comfortable around-town shoe.

  5. MAST Brothers chocolate London Collection £35. 

 A celebration of London's delicious, dynamic culture with artwork by David Post. In addition to their classic flavours of artisanal chocolate, Mast Brothers have produced a special London collection which captures the quintessential character of the capital and will have foodie dads looking up where to buy more of it.

  6. Keath Haring x Moleskine Notebook £24.95. 

 For the wordy dads out there, these Special Edition Keith Haring Notebooks and the numbered Special Edition Keith Haring Collector Box will go down a treat. Each Notebook and Collector Box features bold, dynamic and strikingly recognizable artwork, as well as the slogan: art is for everybody. These books are real conversation starters and great at fuelling inspiration to fill the blank pages with.

  7. Beoplay P2 Portable. Splash and dust resistant speaker £149. 

 Dads can now take the awesome signature sound of Bang & Olufsen wherever they go, with the Beoplay P2 portable speaker. It used bluetooth connection and is splash and dust proof. With intuitive smart controls, they can even control playback with a simple tap or shake. Packing rich audio, but small and light enough to fit perfectly in a hand, the P2 is an eminent personal sound companion.

  8. Tateossian Square Gear Cufflinks £155.

 Tateossian’s Mechanical collection boasts signature designs that have been inspired by motion and movement. The Square Gear Cufflinks display these design principles flawlessly with coloured metal gears interlocked in a square frame, making them a unique and eye-catching addition to any dads' wardrobe.

  9. HALO Kopi Luwak Diamond £100. 

 The rarest coffee in the world, every bean is precious, with only a tiny 100kgs per year harvested from 100% certified wild plantations in the Gayo region of Indonesia. Coffee-loving dads will appreciate the taste of buttery dark chocolate and toasted macadamia. Kopi Luwak Diamond is one of the most delicately handled beans on earth and will start his day off perfectly.

 10Anglepoise x Paul Smith Type 75 Lamp £170. 

 After two stunning collaborations, Anglepoise® and renowned British designer Paul Smith have collaborated once more to create a third edition of the Type 75™ Desk Lamp. With its strident primary colour palette and engaging, angular Anglepoise form, Edition Three evokes the visual vocabulary of Dutch painter Mondrian’s De Stijl style of art and launches to coincide with the run up to next year’s De Stijl centennial.


written by Laura Maisey