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Designer Emily Carter

Niceshit is a creative studio with a focus on illustration & animation.Based in Barcelona, and led by the director trio of Carmen, Guido and Rodier, three curious minds who work together to create clever and innovative work that makes a lasting impression. We’re known for our bold and graphic style, our sharp sense of humor, aesthetic versatility and our love for telling stories through our vast world of characters, which is what we did for these cool socks Shop this design now.

Designer Emily Carter

Mariery Young is a Latin American designer. Bold colors, playful shapes, ad tropicals vibes are some of my favorite themes to explore and found on her projects at Mezclao Studio. Where she works on branding identity, illustration and surface design. Shop this design now.

Designer Emily Carter

Based in Colombia at the Lazy Eyes studio, Daniel’s work focuses on surreal, odd and eye-catching images that deal with technology, music, and fashion related projects. He has worked on projects for Pull and Bear, Samsung and Verizon in the past, and his collaboration with Look Mate London is a testament to his surrealist design style. Daniel describes his work as “pop surrealism”, a reference to the influence of dreams and memories, matched with the vibrant and saturated colours he uses to portray them. Shop this design now.

Designer Emily Carter

Emily Carter is a British designer based in London, specialising in hand illustrated silk accessories. The collections incorporate themes from natural history, flora, fauna and scientific illustration to create surreal and unique illustrations and prints. Each design begins as a detailed original drawing, with experiments in colour and composition leading to the finished design. The products are printed on high quality silk, and are hemmed and packaged by hand. Every item is produced and finished in England to the highest standard, offering a luxury piece of British design. Shop this design now.

Designer Karan Singh

Karan Singh is an Australian artist and illustrator based in Amsterdam. His bold and colourful work is a playful reimagination of op-art minimalism particularly focusing on depth and dimension through pattern and repetition. His professional career has seen him based in a number of cities including Tokyo, New York, Malmö, Sydney, Melbourne and now Amsterdam. Select clients he has worked with include Instagram, IBM, Apple, Air Bnb, Nike and the band OK Go. Shop this design now.

Designer SoHo+Co

SoHo+Co is rooted in the ambiguous, between cultures, scales and disciplines. The work offers space for delight through offering unscripted, blurred edges and meanings where human interpretation and interaction completes the landscape. Designed with precision, it enjoys the tension between the defined and the undefined. We create ideas, stories, objects and spaces. Shop this design now.

Designer Playlab

PLAYLAB, INC. is a New York based creative practice founded in 2009. With no particular focus, we explore things that interest them, using art, architecture, and graphic design to initiate ideas. The past has included: giant worm tents for the New Museum of Contemporary Art and Storefront For Art & Architecture, a re-brand of America for SFMOMA, and a compilation of all the times Joaquin Phoenix has walked in his films, titled Walking Phoenix. In 2011 the studio co-founded the quarterly publication called CLOG, and in 2010 co-founded + POOL with Family New York, an initiative to build the world’s first water-filtering floating pool in New York. The studio is currently comprised of Archie Lee Coates IV, Jeff Franklin, Ryan J. Simons, Luiza Dale and Anya Shcherbakova. Shop this design now.

Designer - Benjamin Craven

Benjamin Craven is inspired by everyday sights and occurrences, from the bright colours of the supermarket cleaning aisle, to architectural collisions - high, low, and all around. The surroundings of everyday life are his constant source of inspiration, and through his work he sets out to encourage the viewer to appreciate the playfulness in art and life. Shop this design now.

Designer Michael Arnold

Michael Arnold (1991) is a self-taught Illustrator and Artist from the UK working in a bold and patterned style for clients around the world such as Nike, The Ritz Carlton, Haagen Dazs J2O and more. Shop this design now.

Designer - Yoni Alter

Yoni is a London based designer and artist. His work is bursting with colours, he integrates between the artistic and the commercial, between the graphic and the artistic, between the figurative and the abstract and between form and space. Alter studied art and design in Jerusalem before completing him MA Graphic Design at University of the arts London and has since called London ‘home,’ constantly using the city as a source of inspiration.Shop this design now.

Designer - Marylou Faure

I'm am Freelance Illustrator and Art Director working in lovely London. My work is filled with quirky characters, curvy shapes and vibrant colours! I like to represent everyday life people and situations in a fun and sometime provocative way, as a mean to make people smile and to brighten up their day.Shop this design now.

Designer - Kaye Blegvad

Kaye Blegvad is an illustrator, designer, and general maker-of-things, born & raised in London, and currently she lives in Brooklyn. She’s a third generation illustrator, following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather. Her work tends toward the handmade and stripped back, and often focusses on ideas about women and their bodies. She also makes a line of jewelry and homewares and runs a dirty small press. Her clients include the New York Times, the New Yorker, Penguin Random House, and Urban Outfitters. Shop this design now..

Designer - Rick Berkelmans

Rick Berkelmans' (1986) work consists of a vibrant mix of strong shapes, weird characters and bold colors. Never being too much in your face, Berkelmans always makes sure his work is packed with a certain attitude, casual but clever, tactile but professional. The distinctive touch to his work is Rick's love for printing techniques, which combines his fresh illustrations with a nice vintage look. Rick lives and works in Breda where he runs his oneman design studio Hedof. With a combination of commercial projects and exhibitions he raised his profile on an international level. Shop this design now.

Designer - Pedro Veneziano

Pedro is a young Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator. In 2015 he got his design degree at Unesp after a one-year program studying at Parsons, in New York. Using his work, he aims to create a singular language that flows through different medias and to explore unexpected directions in graphic design. He’s constantly switching between bidimensional and tridimensional visual expressions and loves creating artworks to inspire others. Shop this design now.

Designer - Murnau Den Linden

The strongly inspired imaginary of London-based artist Murnau Den Linden evokes Southern hemisphere traditions and myths to meet the 21st century. His artworks of vibrant colors, often set in a dance with deep darkness sensations, are accented with and underlying sense of mythology and modernity. A kaleidoscope of wonderful, psychedelic vibes. Shop this design now.

Designer - Kiki

Kiki is a digital artist in vogue. Her bold, graphic style of illustration creates engaging and witty narratives. Colourful textures and shadows create compositions popular with editorial, advertising and publishing, and perfect for interactive media. As a Swedish-Italian designer hailing from Brussels, studied in London, and living in Paris, Kiki informs her work with her worldliness. Shop this design now.

Designer- Thomas Hedger

"I’m Thomas Hedger a London based graphic artist. I try to pull out the fun in the everyday with big colours and bold lines." Shop this design now.

Designer - Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe, also known as Supermundane, is an artist, graphic designer, typographer, illustrator and writer with over 20 years experience in the creative industry. His practice is defined by a distinctive use of colour, line and simplicity which can be seen through all his different disciplines from typeface design to his personal works. He lives and works in London. Shop this design now.

Designer - Zipeng Zhu

Zipeng Zhu is an art director, designer, animator & illustrator in New York City who wants to make everyday a razzle-dazzle musical. Before he ate cheese & spoke English, he was eating rice & speaking Mandarin & Cantonese in China. Shop this design now.

Designer - Hey

Hey is an illustration studio which was founded in 2007. Based in Barcelona, they work on finding exactly the right graphic solution for each project. These have included Apple, Monocle, MACBA, Vanity Fair, Penguin Random House and Vodafone. Working mainly with design and illustration, making brand identities and editorial projects. Hey style is defined by geometry, colour, typography and bold graphics. This is a mark which they also carry over into the team's personal projects. These are as important to their clients as they are to them because they allow them to experiment, to break down barriers and to find new ways of doing things. Currently having fun and creating at hey are Veronica, Ricardo, Paula, Mikel and Eva. Shop this design now.

Designer - Scout Editions

Scout Editions was created by brother and sister, Wai and Pui. They're both keen travellers and share a love of art, design, fashion and interiors. They love storytelling and folklore so they decided to create a space inspired by stories. Pui is a freelance designer and illustrator based in London working with lifestyle and beauty brands. Currently developing more home goods for Scout Editions. Whilst Wai is the hands-on guy who organises their events and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Shop this design now.

Designer - Daniel Triendl

Daniel Triendl was born in the mountains of Austria,accompanied only with a snowboard and some coffee. Here he discovered his passion for design and illustration. He has a love of bold colour and consistently uses it in his work as a tool to inject a sense of energy. His striking forms mimic this sensibility often through geometry and abstraction. shop this design now.

Designer - Cachete Jack

Cachetejack are Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul, a Spanish illustration duo based here and there.Their illustration universe is full of colors, energy, humour and irony. The hand drawn work of Cachetejack takes a fresh and unique style working in a variety of mediums, including—but not limited to—books, magazines, newspapers, clothing, drawing, painting, walls and illustration. Cachetejack are Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul, a Spanish illustration duo based here and there. Shop this design now.

Designer - Gabrielle Del Velle

The magic of colours and abstract geometrical objects beautifully blended together in different textures and layers. Gabriela Del Velle will walk you through imaginary buildings and colourful interiors via her illustrations. shop this design now. 

Designer - Daniel Forero

Colombian art director/graphic designer, Daniel Forero, based in Stockholm since 2010 but currently working at Sagmeister & Walsh in NYC. Daniel likes working with both, conceptual and experimental projects where he can mix photography with graphics. shop this design now.

Designer - Nick Rawcliffe

When Nick  is in his studio  design, engineering and sustainability blend together in beautiful objects like  a piece of furniture, a bamboo bike or even an insanely cool socks for Look Mate. He plays with ideas, innovation and different cool materials with his "thinking through making" approach. Nick originally trained as an engineer at Bristol University. After gaining solid engineering skills, he  went on to earn an MA in Industrial Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art. He also spent some time working in Japan and Germany. shop this design now.

Designer - David Harutyunyan

Ideas, colours and illustrations are coming together in an elegant way when David Harutyunyan is in his creative zone. He also has a passion for textile and hence the interest to work with Look Mate. David likes to work on different projects from funky socks to anti-smoking campaigns for government. shop this design now.

Designer - Louise Lockhart

Louise Lockhart is a freelance illustrator based in a small town in England. She makes her illustrations by collaging drawings and paper cut outs and her whimsical graphic style has been picked up by major brands such as Boden and Graniph. Passionate about print and supporting local makers, Louise also runs her own company The Printed Peanut where she applies her designs to products, which are made in the UK. Louise is currently working on her second children’s book. shop this design now.

Designer - It can be you

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