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Gifting is a gift.

The most special time of the year is here; a month filled with festive fun, mesmerising lights, mulled wine and cosy dinners. As we bask in the excitement of the many Christmas festivities that animate London, we also give to those we care for most. Here at Lookmate, we believe that gifting is the real gift, so, we have done the nitty gritty for you and curated our list of top Lookmate-certified products; trialled and tested by us this year.

Consider it our gift to you. Because in truth we know it is easy to forget how sentimental this time of year is and with the hard work done for you, you can spend less time (last minute) panic-planning and more time enjoying the excitement of the silly season. So, whilst we cannot explain how we all find ourselves in December again, we can, however, assist you in our top gift picks ranging from all prices and sizes, tastes and needs to spoil your near and dear’s this Christmas. 


1. Tricolour Lambswool Crew Sweater 

Winter wardrobes always allow for more sweaters, especially cosy Lambswool. ‘This Country of Origin’ piece made in South London is a great splash of colour to your winter staples and with a number of designs you’re not short of choice to best compliment the wearers style. These crews begin at £135.00

2. Bose Sleep buds

Switching off from the hustle and bustle of the working day can often be a timely task with great consequences for the work day ahead. Bose have designed a range of super comfortable ear buds, much like ear plugs, with pre-loaded soothing sounds personalised by the listener to ensure they nod off with ease. These are priced at £229.95.

3. Mr Porter scarf 

Another winter warmer, this Mr Porter scarf is a great stocking filler. Though advertised for men, we think it can be worn by either. Navy and forest green hues on a weighty wool blend make for the perfect neck warmer in the colder months with the added bonus of Mr Porter-assured style. This wool scarf is £100.

4.The Abstract Pocket Square by Emily Carter

Our most recent collaboration, (which you can see here ,) Emily Carter comes in at our second gift option. Treat him to one (or more) of her abstract luxury pocket squares. Blending modernity with a classic accessory, the pocket squares are hand hemmed and on high quality silk twill. Emily Carte abstract pocket squares are £45.00.

5. Aesop  rinse  free hand wash 

This gift is a small one but goes a long way, especially for busy bodies who are regularly out and about. Its compact size means it takes up little space yet offers clean hands fast. This hand wash is priced at £7.00

6. Anki Vector Robot

Give the gift of life with our next pick -Victor the robot - who engages by sound and touch and more impressively, sight. Victor answers your questions, takes photos, sets timers and more. If that’s not enough he can navigate around objects, avoiding edges in the process. Victor is priced at £199.99 and has the added bonus of cloud connectivity, meaning his software can be updated and talents continually evolving.

7. Hario V60 Copper Coffee Dripper 

Drinking your morning ‘copper’ coffee in a Hario Coffee Dripper is not just a pretty sight. The copper naturally transfers heat evenly to the coffee grounds due to the copper metal and high thermal conductivity ensuring some much needed science to assist in your morning wake-up. The Coffee dripper is £75.00

8. Back gammon set

Take things back in time with a classic board game that has been played for centuries. Although a quirky take on the original game, it is the perfect reason to detach yourself from electronics and the outside world and immerse yourself in a game of strategy and triumph. This back gammon set is priced at £49.00

9. Moleskin 18 month diary planner

Perhaps a less creative idea but you can’t go wrong with a diary, especially a classic Moleskin. With the added bonus of an 18 month planner, it is a great gift to get organised for the year (+) ahead. The 18 month planner comes in a range of colours, sizes and the option of hard or soft cover, Moleskin allow you to personalise to a tee. Prices start at £15.99

10. No one is normal tote bag

Totes are always a great staple-carrier and hold many purposes in their practicalities. This pick is one for those who are perhaps a little quirky in their projection. Apart of their ‘statement’ collection and Priced at £35, it doesn’t break the bank to banish stereotypes.

 Merry Christmas from Lookmate!

 written by Alexandra Stuart