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Well, winter has well and truly hailed its icy entrance into our lives and as this dreary, cold weather looms upon us, mourning another summer gone, Londoners are left desperate for the summer atmosphere to return. Such is why we here at the Look Mate team felt compelled to regenerate the feel good vibe that floats so lovely in the summer air, so that we can experience it all year round, sounds pretty swell, doesn’t it? So, in our efforts to master this, we set out to engineer a sock which synced throughout all seasons. It was here where the ideas for our next collab began.

Thomas Hedgers, the man who brought our idea to life, is a London-based Graphic Artist who’s distinctive artistry has gained himself an impressive index of design awards and clientele, the likes of ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Telegraph’, ‘The Sunday Times and ‘Air BnB’; just to name a few.

Aside from the obvious, what drew us to Thomas was his fun-filled philosophy which centres on injecting life and vivacity into the (at times) monotony of everyday living. As you know, at Look Mate we thrive on adding a little flavour, spice and energy into the simple things in life so we can go about with a kick in our step. The synergy was clear, Wet Sock’s was born.

Now, going back to the our genius idea to keep the summer feel-good spirit kicking all year round, Wet Socks have been designed as the type of pair that can be worn in any weather; down the beach in the height of summer or the depths of the wet and gloomy winter. The design itself sees blue hues with contrasting pinks combined with Thomas’ signature lineal design. All of this on our quality combed cotton and you have yourself a lively pair sure to keep you smiling all year round’, even through those ol’ winter blues!

Shop for him, her, yourself, your mates, now! £10 per pair, lets get wet!