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“The less you need, the freer you are”. In our busy lives, through the hustle and bustle, often the simple pleasures are forgotten but Rob ‘Supermundane’ Lowe doesn’t reflect this nor does his work, he lives to appreciate life through the small things. It was this lucid philosophy that first drew the keen attention of our team. We instinctively knew we had to approach Rob for our next sock collaboration.

A standout force behind our meeting of minds between our team and Rob was his impressive experience which spanned over 20 years working in creative pursuits from graphic design and illustration to writing and typography. We admired his distinctive use of colour, line and simplicity, and felt it synchronised perfectly with our acute design criteria and together this sparked the creative flame for our newest design; The Super Sock.

And a super sock it is indeed, the “funky faced” design exerts Rob’s lineal methods while our quality combed cotton provides the canvas for his signature artwork. All in all, a winning combination. Soft pinks are contrasted with fruity yellows and oranges which coalesce to offer a refined yet detailed sock design. Not to mention true to his and the Look Mate team’s ethos. The quirky Supermundane is sure to funk you’re sock drawer up!