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Gift Guide For The Design-Centric Special One In Your Life.

As the festive season comes into full swing, we’re greeted with endless Christmas activities to help sooth our festive souls. We cosily sip on mulled wine, we brave the gloomy weather to wander Christmas markets and most of all we embrace London’s kindred spirit as we unite under the host of Christmas lights and spectacles. And whilst we bask in the glory of it all, we tend to fall victim to the stresses of the annual present hunt, this of course, stands in spite of the fact we do enjoy the gift of giving to our friends & family, perhaps just not searching for them. So to wrap up our eventful year of 2016 in high spirits, we at Look Mate have done the nitty-gritty searching on your behalf. We’ve soared high and low to track down our picks for the most innovative, practical and stylish gift ideas, meaning you can shop stress-free this festive season, and most importantly allow more time to soak up the Christmas cheer!

1. Fuga Helmet by "Closca" £100

In a bustling city like London, riding a bike can be tricky if you’re not sufficiently equipped. That is why our next pick is the FugaHelmet by Closca . A stylish addition to your bike get-up whilst ensuring safety and practicality is covered in all areas of design. The helmet is the only one of its kind, folding small enough to fit into your bag or purse, meaning you can take it anywhere, anytime.

2. Denim Masterclass by Blackhorse Lane Ateliers  £250

This next pick is perhaps for those looking to mix it up with a unique gift. Whilst denim is also a staple in our wardrobes, learning to make them in a class instructed by a designer who’s worked with the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Abercrombie & Fitch, is certainly an unorthodox way to obtain them. This master class offers the student a day’s lesson in the science behind denim, a tailored pair of jeans just for you, and the novelty of such an experience.

3. City Gent Whangee W1 umbrella by London Undercover  £125

And last but not least, the City GentWhangee W1 umbrella from London Undercover. In a city known for its unprecedented rain falls ,to be expected at any time, an umbrella is always on hand for anyone thinking in their right mind. Steering away from the philosophy that umbrellas are a mere last-minute purchase, the London Undercover team aim to dispel this and return to viewing them as a fashion accessory. Its sleek Bamboo Handle & Beach wood shaft, with silver tip cup and spokes does exactly that, and with the selection of colours, there is a suitable match for everyone.

4. H5 Wireless Headphones by Beoplay  £199

It is hard to think back to an age where headphones were not a necessity to have on you before leaving the house. As technology develops, headphones are seeping further and further into our everyday staple items. So we deem it worthy of investing in a ‘sound’ pair. Beoplay H5 seek to transform your everyday no matter whatthe task at hand. With a host of features such as preset profiles, tonnage settings, no fuss wireless, (and many more!) these sleek Green Moss wireless headphones offer your everyday sound in premium style.

5. The Oblong watch by BulBu  £195

Italian leather, sapphire crystal, German steel mesh bands and Swiss-made movement with a decade worth of battery life is what you see before you at number one. The Oblong watch from BulBul is a sleek infusion of prime European construction, ensuring every priority you need in a watch is presented to you in one contemporary, classic timepiece.

6. Minimalist Travel Sleeve by Bellroy  £75

We all need a good quality leather staple in our accessory drawer. The Minimalist Travel Sleeve offers durability and resilience, which is paramount for an everyday item such as a wallet.Whilst this pick is reliable and practical, it does not compromise on style, Bellroy offer a plethora of leather wallets (as well as other useful accessories) ranging in various shapes and sizes to ensure there is something for everybody.

Practical gifts needn’t be boring and repetitive this year with our list of prime picks offering style and innovation to your everyday necessities. We hope we’ve eased the burden for you slightly and have allowed for a few more relaxing mulled wines this December... And lastly, from the team at Look Mate, we wish you a splendid Christmas! 

 written by Alexandra Stuart