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Super Sock
Super Sock Socks - Super Sock Socks - Super Sock. Women socks Top View Socks - Super Sock. Women socks front View Socks - Super Sock. Women socks side and front View. Socks - Super Sock. Women socks front View. Sock Monkey. Super Sock


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"The less you need, the freer you are."  Rob Lowe
Look Mate are very excited by this super collaboration with artist and designer, Rob Lowe, who is also known as Supermundane. After reading an interview in Designboom magazine with Rob last year, we knew we had to contact him. Rob's values align completely with ours and his ability to create complex, yet simple artwork has resulted in a funky-faced sock we can't wait to show you.

About The Designer

Rob Lowe, also known as Supermundane, is an artist, graphic designer, typographer, illustrator and writer with over 20 years experience in the creative industry. His practice is defined by a distinctive use of colour, line and simplicity which can be seen through all his different disciplines from typeface design to his personal works. He lives and works in London.

The Inspiration behind "Super Sock"

In this collaboration, Rob puts this funky face on your feet. Enjoy!


Crafted from the finest combed cotton available.
80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane